Express Freight




Express Freight is one of Northern Ireland’s largest independent freight delivery service companies with trading partners throughout Europe.

The Problem:

Like many of our customers, Express Freight struggled with the labours of their existing paper- based system. The rigor and demands of keeping track of proof-of-delivery notes, consignment note and many other documents was becoming too great. In order to cope with the demands and improve efficiency, Express Freight needed a solution to manage these documents.

The Solution:

Blue Fin Software Solutions have been working with Express Freight since 2008, when the company was previously known as Express Parcels. They have undergone many changes and Blue Fin has worked with them through their expanding company and work load developing further software solutions in a smooth and professional manner, without disrupting their other processes.

Currently they have a software solution comprising of up to eight interdependent application including an online dispatch system, a document management system, and a barcode scanning application. These have been successfully in place for a number of years. Enabling their customers to manage consignments and print labels, manifests and notes as well as using barcode technology to track items arriving at their warehouse, Express Freight has increased productivity and efficiency by automating many of their day-to-day processes.


The technology Blue Fin Software Solutions used to develop this automated system for Express Freight included a Windows desktop applications which were all developed in VB.NET with a back-end SQL Server database, while the online systems were developed using Microsoft’s ASP.NET programming language.

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