Fusion Heating are a plumbing and heating company who are a leading provider for the delivery of planned servicing and responsive maintenance of central heat systems throughout Northern Ireland.

The Problem:

Fusion heating recognised that improving the way they manage their workforce was key to ensuring they continued to grow as a business. The wanted to improve the efficiency of their existing back office process which consisted of various managing services and maintenance jobs recorded on paper.

The Solution:

In place since 2011, Fusion heating’s job management system, also known as Mobile Work Manager consists of an Android mobile application used by the company engineers and field workers, and a Windows desktop application used by the back office members. The system has been extremely successful in enabling them to record service job, assign engineers, invoice customers and provide extensive analysis of engineer performance through the in-depth reporting functionality. It has also enabled the company to save a lot of time and reduce costs.



The technology used for this software solution consists of a desktop application developed using VB.NET technology with a back-end SQL Server database. The Android mobile solution was developed using Phone Gap.

Need Help?

If Mobile Work Manager seems like the kind of system that could overcome your Job Management issues then please feel free to get in contact with the staff at Blue Fin Software Solutions who can discuss how we can help you.