TCS Imports is home of the UK and Ireland’s fastest growing furniture supplier, supplying bespoke furniture to retailers throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Problem: The demands of maintaining their ageing paper based system were becoming increasingly difficult to manage as the company continued their growth. With a small team of back office staff workers manually processing orders, tracking incoming shipments and creating dispatch notes amongst various other mundane tasks, their current processes were no longer able to meet their growing demands.Blue Fin Software Solutions has been working with TCS since 2009.

The Solution: TCS has grown drastically since 2009 and they are now in development of version 6 of their system. The solution we provide them continues to improve and grow alongside the rest of their company. The solution is a multi- functional, all-in-one sales order system. Some of the processes it includes are a stock order system to record customer order, place new orders with manufactures as well as recording incoming shipments of new stock and creating reports.

Software: The technology used to develop the TCS system includes a desktop application with VB.NET technology with a back-end SQL Server database. The Android mobile solution was developed using PhoneGap.

Need help? If you are wondering if you should make the transition from paper to PC or if you feel your current system is quite restrictive then do not hesitate to get in contact with the experienced staff at Blue Fin Software Solutions.